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Playing on Tablet
Technology Change, reimagined

The Solution:  Design through implementation to bottom line results

The Challenge:  Investigate and analyse operational pain-points across multiple, geographically dispersed business entities.  'Triage’ interventions to reduce and stabilise pain-points and increase change fluency

Investment Chart
Operational Improvements, realised

The Solution:  From paradigm-pain to simplified, sustainable systems

The Challenge:  Merging shared and corporate services (HR, Finance, Procurement, Warehousing and Inventory).  Identified, designed and implemented business process improvements delivering several million dollars of direct balance sheet benefit

Poison Chalices, for breakfast

The Solution:  Neutralising negativity through empathetic enablement

The Challenge:  End-to-end change management and implementation of standardised operational indicators and management information system in global geographically-dispersed resources-based business reducing production costs and improving productivity.  Direct impact 2000 employees, indirect impact 10000+.

Sales Boost, qualified

The Solution:  Expert qualifying to focus your sales calls and closing

The Challenge:  Managing cool, warm and hot leads amongst prospects who are rarely at their desk or in mobile range.  Enabling proper preparation for pitches which are prospect specific, complex and time consuming

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