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We are agents of change; value-adding, benefits-driven, disciplined, strategic, and collaborative change.

We want your repeat business, so we're here to delight and excite. 

Using an outside-the-forest perspective, we do not simply address the 'hard' issues of strategy, structure, operations, finance, sales and service.  We also attend to the much harder 'soft' issues of culture, personal accountability and individual leadership.  This creates successful end-to-end project delivery and organisational transitions leaving more capable, confident and change-fluent people. 

Your team's personal satisfaction increases along with productivity and profitability.

Our team blends experience and education to deliver common-sense, practical solutions. 
And we know the power of sharing the things we've learned with your team to achieve breakthroughs.


That's what delights us.  Seeing you and your team better. 

Michelle Delebet
Principal Consultant

I'm atop Haleakala in Maui.  The surrounds are what I imagine the surface of the moon may look like.  It's cold, cloudy and difficult to breath. And as I cease to resist, as I settle to the change from the warmth and sun of South Kihei Beach to this lunar environment, so I see the flowers, breath more easily, the sun comes out, the clouds part, and I can see between them to the curve of the earth where possibility beckons.

Bringing possibility to reality is my life's work.

Damien McMahon
Master Collaborator
Symbiotic Solutions

​The outdoors is the place where I go to relax, refresh and take stock.  I like to take my family with me so they learn to appreciate what a great country we live in and how we can live harmoniously within it.

Andy Lister
Senior Consultant

Who I am isn't the issue. It's what we need to do together to make a difference; to you, to your team, to your clients.  It's where the rainbow leads and knowing that each color takes a different path there.  No matter my environment, I'm thriving when I hear the gratitude of others and know I've made a difference.  Let me help you and your team really see each of your clients and make them feel seen and cared about.  That's what brings them in and brings them back. 

That's the pot of gold.

Geoff Barbaro
Master Collaborator

Sitting in, arguably, my favourite place in the world - Batu Ferringhi Beach in Penang, I indulge my fascination for leadership and  how it is best cultivated at every level.  I watch, and I read, and I talk to others and listen to their stories and observations.  And I try to answer the question - 'what is the Leader's Beacon?'  The heart of the matter is this: communication is an integral part of every human endeavour.

Pam Boyd
Master Collaborator

I was a well-seasoned, back stabbing, corporate-hating, finger-pointing, excuse-making, and pathologically negative middle manager. Sound familiar?

Miraculously, after living and working many years with that modus operandi, a smart leader set me straight.  I vowed to use my lessons and subsequent successes to alleviate the suffering that comes from working in dysfunctional or under-productive environments.

Drama free.  That's how we roll.  That's the secret sauce.

Bernie Beck
Master Collaborator

That helicopter had no doors and it flew sideways over oceans and canyons and I still didn't fall out.  Today, to "Influence, Be Relentless, Become an Inspiration" is my cornerstone.  I'm that helicopter, working with people, helping them realise their own potential and that of those they lead. Ensuring they don't fall - even in 'white-knuckle' rides.

I feel lucky to be able to share insights from Fortune 500 companies I worked with.  From multi-unit management positions, to Director, VP and “C-Level” positions.  Man that's fun. More fun than a doorless helipcopter that's for sure!

David Camus
Master Collaborator

Allegorically, this ghost gum is apt.  Honest, ethical, sustainable - that's the hallmark of project and software delivery excellence.  When it's blossoming, it acts fast.  And otherwise it is quietly, patiently and persistently bringing together all the elements of the environment necessary to inject energy into that pinnacle moment.

It's easy to be in the presence of, it nourishes your life and is positively impactful beyond initial observations. 

"Ghost Gum Project Delivery" - my delight to deliver to you.

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