This is our story…

Corporate Growing Pains is a values-based leadership and change management consultancy.  We deliver operational efficiency and productivity improvement by removing passion bleeders and success barriers from organisations.  Passion bleeders are the attitudes and fears that block the path to high achievement.  Success barriers are the systems, processes and procedures that have failed to maintain alignment with strategy.

Predominantly we work with technical and/or specialist organisations in the engineering, construction and resources sector.  Our experience is also within Government, health, legal, telecommunications, sales and service industries.  We provide custom-designed, specialist services leveraging our success, and that of our clients, from values-based leadership, strategy and structure.

We maintain an ‘outside the forest’ perspective and work collaboratively, to not simply address the ‘hard issues’ of strategy, structure, operations, finance and service.  We also attend to the much harder ‘soft issues’ of culture, personal accountability and individual leadership.  This creates self-sustaining organisational transformations that leave groups who are capable and confident to achieve future positive evolution.

Our successful change leadership lies within a few key facts:

  • We operate from a values-based leadership platform to deliver personal and productivity improvements
  • We communicate and connect effectively with an extraordinarily broad stakeholder base from executive to the coal-face
  • We maintain a very large ‘kitbag of tools’ into which we reach to find or inspire the most appropriate methods for the presented situation
  • We synthesise large amounts of information quickly and intelligently to improve awareness and understanding of those involved
  • We have decades of experience working with, within or leading geographically dispersed teams

Our methodology ensures the people we work with learn their own skills of change, emotional competence and personal leadership; in this way, our change and leadership projects become sustainable, evolving, value-adding parts of your organisation.